300 Wins in European Cups...

Defeating the Italian side EA Milano 86-78 on the road in the 13th week match of Euroleague Top 16 Group F, Anadolu Efes had its 300th win in the European Cups.

As the trailblazer of the Turkish basketball who is going to celebrate its 40th birthday next year, Efes had started its journey of Europe on the road against Maccabi Tel Aviv on 11 October 1979. After glorious achievements including winning the Korać Cup, the second place in the European Cup and two times the third place in the Euroleague, Efes has had its 300th win in its journey of Europe against EA Milano.

Here is how our team did in the European Cups:

Cup 1: 442 248 194 56.1%
Cup 2: 33 19 14 57.6%
Cup 3: 52 33 19 63.5%
Total: 527 300 227 56.9%


Efes had 143 wins and 136 defeats in 279 games, with a winning percentage of 51.3%, throughout ULEB Euroleague, considered under the category of Cup 1.

CUP 1: European Champions Cup, European League, Euroleague, Suproleague, ULEB Euroleague

CUP 2: European Cup Winners' Cup, European Cup, EuroCup, Saporta Cup

CUP 3: Korać Cup

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