Ataman: “We Returned To Our Game In The Second Half…”

Defeating Real Madrid team 108-83 and with a 25 points difference in the 32nd-week away match of Turkish Airlines Euroleague, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman stated his thoughts post-game:

"We started the match well but we struggled to respond to Real Madrid’s tough defense. Our defense wasn’t good in this part of the match, so they’ve scored empty shots. We didn’t play well within the second half, especially our main scorer couldn’t score. Larkin didn’t score for 17 minutes. We returned to our game in the second half. Our players shared the ball well on the court, Micic controlled the game well. After Larkin scored our offensive game found its rhythm. We were good within the second half on defense as well. I’m sorry that Pablo Laso was sent out but it gave as an advantage. We’ve scored 5 points from the empty shots at the end of the third quarter, and we didn’t lose our advantage within the final quarter.” 

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