Anadolu Efes Spor Kulübü

Ataman: “We’ve played splendidly…”

Defeating Bayern Munich 104-76 in the 11th-week match of Turkish Airlines Euroleague game, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman stated his thoughts post-game:

“It is pointless to technically-analyze the match after a game like tonight. Like I said to my players after the match, we’ve played splendidly. If we were playing an NBA Championship finale match, we would’ve won with this game and the atmosphere. Shane Larkin played incredibly; like Larkin, all of my players played fabulous on defense and the offense. Pleiss and Sertaç played marvelously in the absence of Dunston. James Anderson fought well tonight as well. Larkin is an extraordinary player; he showed it from the first time he met with the ball in the match. He played with an unbelievable tempo and projected his ability on the court. I was warned about the record in the last 4 minutes of the match, so I asked Larkin to come to the bench so he can catch his breath. He said, “I want to break the record; there are only 4 minutes left,” and I said, “You can break this record in 3 minutes too.”

  • Ergin Ataman