13th Presidential Cup Victory for Anadolu Efes: 71-62

We met Fenerbahce Beko in the 36th Presidential Cup game and we won the match 71-62. We were ahead 42-23 in the first half of the match played at Ankara Sports Hall.

With this result, our team took the Presidential Cup to its museum for the 13th time.

Our team started the game with Micic, Beaubois, Clyburn, M'Baye, and Zizic starting five. The first points of the game came with Micic's three-pointer. M'Baye also contributed to Zizic and Beaubois's points with a three-pointer, and the score was 13-4 at 4:30. In the second five-minute part of the period, Beaubois and Clyburn supported the under-the-rim hits of Micic and Zizic, and we finished the first 10-minute part of the game with a 23-15 lead. Starting the second period with Clyburn's hit, our team was ahead 25-17 in the 13th minute. We brought the score to 32-20 in the 17th minute with Zizic's seven consecutive points under the basket. Our team, which did not slow down in this section, was ahead by 20 points in the last minute of the half with the points scored by Micic, Beaubois, and Clyburn: 40-20. We scored two more points with Zizic in the last minute and we were ahead 42-23 in the first half of the game.

We started the second half with Micic's three-pointer and brought the score to 45-25 in the 22nd minute. While the TV timeout in the 25th minute was entered with a score of 45-27, Micic, who was stopped by a foul during the three-point shooting, came to the foul line and turned all three shots into points, bringing the score to 48-29 in the 26th minute. After two points from Zizic and Clyburn in the last part of the quarter after M'Baye hit, we entered the last 10 minutes of the game with our 54-36 lead. Our first basket in the final period came from M'Baye, and we were ahead 59-42 in the 32nd minute with Micic's three-pointer. The score was 63-47 at 34:30 with under-pots from Zizic and Clyburn. The score was 64-52 with M'Baye's only hit from the foul line, while Zizic's under the basket led us 66-57 into the last minute of the game. We were leading 72-61 into the last 22 seconds of the game with Beaubois's three and Clyburn's two hits on the foul line. Although we could not find a score in the remaining section, we won the match 71-62.

Completing the game with 22 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, 1 block, and 25 efficiency points, our new transfer, Ante Zizic, won the Most Valuable Player Award.

Anadolu Efes Player Statistics
# Player Min Pts 2P 3P FT OR DR R A St To B F FR EFFP
  TOPLAM   0 0 / 0 %0,00 0 / 0 %0,00 0 / 0 %0,00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0