Dusan Ivkovic: ”It was a bad day...”

Defeated 65-61 by the Russian side Nizhny Novgorod at the ninth week match of Euroleague first round, Anadolu Efes Coach Dusan Ivkovic commented on the post-game press conference:

"It was a bad day for us. We were dominating the game until it was 12-2, but after that, we failed to take control of the game. With so many missed free throws and turnovers when you are at home, it becomes very hard to get a desirable result. Today, we couldn't manage to play in a professional manner. It was the last chance for Nizhny Novgorod, and they had to win. We failed to feel enthusiastic in the game, failed to do the basics and played badly, getting this undesirable result. We already qualified for the Top 16 but we have to work hard and learn lots of things. Also, we are having too many injuries right now. Perperoglou had an injury at the last minute, Cedi has only recently joined back to us, and Doğuş had an illness. But these should not be an excuse for us. The team has to be prepared for every condition, but it wasn't..."

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