Dusan Ivkovic: “It was our lowest level of defense for the whole season...”

Defeated 109-90 by the Russian side Nizhny Novgorod at the fourth week match of Euroleague Top 16, Anadolu Efes Coach Dusan Ivkovic commented on the post-game press conference:

“I would like to congratulate Nizhny Novgorod. They have played their best today. I also would like to congratulate the opponent's coach and players. It was our lowest level of defense for the whole season. They scored 65 points in the first half. We had some chances in the second half. However, we were mentally heading down. It was a crucial match, and we were absolutely horrible on defense. This is even though we were pretty good on offense to score 90 points, which is above our average. We have a lot to learn from this match. We will keep working. We will play against Olympiacos the next week. We have to work harder, and play better.

The board is doing everything for us. They reserved a private flight for such a long and hard road game. They are giving the best of everything for us. I really appreciate their support. Now, it is time to make a critical analysis of the game...”

  • Dusan Ivkovic
  • Nizhny Novgorod