Dusan Ivkovic: “Our performance will get better and better with each game...”

Defeating the French side Limoges 92-74 at the sixth week match of Euroleague First Round Group B, Anadolu Efes Coach Dusan Ivkovic commented at the post-game press conference:

“The game was really crucial for us. We had lost our last three matches. It was a game that we had to win. I believe we deserved the victory. The control was totally in our hands in the first half. We allowed only 15 points to our opponent in the second quarter, and we were ahead by 16 at the end of the first half. Granger had an injury in the final minutes of the second quarter. Against the opinion of our medical team, he wanted to get back into the game. However, we did not play him based on our experience recently with similar situations. The only negative aspect of the match for us is our performance in the third quarter. Limoges outscored us 22-19 in this quarter, and we had seven turnovers.”

“I would like to congratulate my lads. In general, our defense was brilliant and very aggressive. 24 turnovers by Limoges at the end of the match clearly indicates the level of aggression in our defense. We were also good and balanced in offense. We got 13 three pointers with 52% accuracy. Along with 12 points and 11 rebounds to record a double-double, Dunston’s seven assists were extremely important for the team. Games are getting more serious and challenging, but our performance will get better and better with each game...”

Showcasing the best performance for Anadolu Efes with an index score of 27, Bryant Dunston also stated his thoughts: “In today’s game, we performed much better compared to last week. Limoges was accurate in shooting, but we especially disturbed their play with our defense. We recorded lots of steals and capitalized on them with uncontested shots. Besides our good defense, we have things to fix in our offense. This week, we have been able to train more as a team. We are going to play better, improving our performance all the time...”

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