Dusan Ivkovic: ‘’We are heading for a tough away game...''

Preparing to play against the Italian side EA Milano on Thursday, November 26th on the road at the seventh week match of Euroleague 2015-16 season First Round Group B, Anadolu Efes Coach Dusan Ivkovic commented on the upcoming match:

“It is an honor for us to play the “Game of The Week” in the Euroleague for the second time this season. We know that EA Milano is a very good team. It doesn’t sound reasonable to me that such a good and talented team lost all their last five games. First of all, we have to stop their leader Gentile on one-on-ones. We also have to stop their fast-breaks – they got 25 points from transition at the match in Istanbul. Every game on the road needs good game control, good game reading and good selection of sets. Many teams in the Euroleague are suffering from injuries, just like we do. I hope Jayson Granger will be able to play with us at Milano, but unfortunately, Ahmet Düverioğlu will not be able to join us due to his injury.”

Anadolu Efes’s Derrick Brown also stated his thoughts: “In the Euroleague, any match is a candidate to be a tough one. We have to be ready especially in terms of defense against EA Milano. Even though they are currently ranked last in our group, EA Milano is a good team and we respect them. We have goals as a team. We have to be as well-prepared as possible on the court on Thursday...”

  • Dusan Ivkovic
  • Derrick Brown