Dusan Ivkovic: ''We have to be careful on defense...''

Preparing to host the Russian side Nizhny Novgorod on Friday, 12 December at the ninth week match of Euroleague first round, Anadolu Efes Coach Dusan Ivkovic commented on the upcoming match:

"We have seen lots of unexpected results in the first eight weeks of the Euroleague first round, and we are in the last two weeks. We had already clinched a spot in the Top 16 last week, and now we have to prepare for Top 16. We are not concerned about our group ranking in the first round. We are only trying to prepare as good as possible for Top 16. This week, we will be playing against Nizhny Novgorod. The Russian side is a very good team. I think one of their best players, Taylor Rochestie will not be playing but they still have lots of very good players. We do feel respect for our opponent. We have to prepare as good as we can for the opponent, and perform our best. We have to be very careful in defense in order to win this match..."

Anadolu Efes captain Doğuş Balbay also stated his thoughts: "We will be playing against Novgorod in our last match at home in the first round. Even though we have clinched a spot in the Top 16, this match is still very important for us to prepare for the next round. Therefore, we have to win these matches and improve ourselves, going better with each match and obtain the habit of winning. We will sustain our preparations in a serious manner, and will go up onto the court to win the match with our fans' support..."

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