Dusan Ivkovic: “We lost control of the game in second and third quarters...”

Defeated 78-83 by the Greek side Panathinaikos at the seventh week match of Turkish Airlines Euroleague Top 16 Group E, Anadolu Efes Coach Dusan Ivkovic commented at the post-game press conference:

“It was a tough and exciting game. Today, Panathinaikos was the better side today, and they deserved the win. We had a nice start into the game. However, we lost control of the game in second and third quarters. We had too many ups and downs in the second quarter, and we missed five three-pointers in this quarter. We had a strange rhythm. Panathinaikos scored 28 points in the third quarter. In some moments of the game, including the final quarter, my players were not ready for a challenge at this level. For the teams ranked from two to five in the group, even the score differences in matches between these teams turned into a very important factor. In the first half of Top 16, we played three of our games at home, and four on the road. All our matches on the road were closely contested. We now have a match in the Turkish League ahead. We will then go to the Turkish Cup, and I hope we will play three matches there. We need to keep working...”

Showcasing the best performance for Anadolu Efes with an index score of 22, Dario Saric also stated his thoughts: “We had a pretty good start into the game. And we pulled up by eight points. These kind of things sometimes happen. Today, our opponent hit their three pointers with 44%. Our trainers had told us at the pre-match meeting that Panathinaikos won their matches when they go above 40% in three pointers, and lost their games when staying under 40%. Our opponent hit 7/16 of their three pointers, while we hit 3/18. However, it is not reasonable to talk only about three pointers, which do not single-handedly constitute the game of basketball. Today, our defense was pretty bad. We have been having some problems recently. We have to solve our problems as soon as possible. We do not have much time. We are now going to play a match in the Turkish League, which will be followed by the Turkish Cup. We have to find solutions to our problems and we need to proceed...”

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