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Post Game Comments by Ergin Ataman...

After defeating Alba Berlin 78-74 in the fourth-week match of Turkish Airlines Euroleague, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman shared his views at the press conference held after the match:

“We are a very good team, but there has been pressure in the team due to two losses in a row recently. The reason we didn't play well offensively is because we only used Vasilije Micić and Will Clyburn on offense. Already, these two players showed how much load they carry with their number of shots and hit rates. We could not reach the level we wanted, especially in pitch games and low post games. Of course, this creates problems for you against teams like Alba Berlin. They can go out to the open field and speed up the game and punish you. I'm also very happy with Bryant Dunston's defensive effort in the last quarter."