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Post Game Comment by Ergin Ataman...

Anadolu Efes’ Head coach Ergin Ataman shared his views after the game that we lost on the road to Bayern Munich, which lost 78-81 in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague:

"It was an exciting match for the fans, the dominance changed hands constantly throughout the game. We had a 7-point advantage against our opponent in the third quarter, but we lost that advantage within 2 minutes. Bayern Munich found a 9-0 series. Meanwhile, easy three from the transition attacks. They had a chance to score. For us, the reason for the loss was the 18 offensive rebounds we gave our opponent. We fought well today, but we gave our opponents offensive rebounds and allowed them to score second chances. Bayern Munich deserved to win today. We had a bad start last season, but every season is different from the others. We have new players on our team this year, we went through a lot of changes. This start is not good for us. I knew that the Bayern Munich match will be very difficult because our opponent lost most of their previous matches by close scores. Here they lost by one point to Olimpia Milano. Every match until the last moment I think it's a good idea to compare our current state with last season. it doesn't make sense. We've only won 2 games so far."