Post-Game Comments By Ergin Ataman

Anadolu Efes' head coach Ergin Ataman, who lost 76-70 away to Olympiacos in the 23rd week of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague, shared his views after the game:

"I suffered on the bench while watching the basketball played on the field. I think even the Olympiacos fans suffered while watching the game, even though they won. Today, there was terrible basketball on the court, this is true for both sides. On the other hand, I congratulate Michalis Lountzis at Olympiakos, He played great today, even though he's maybe averaged several points and hardly took any time. He did a terrific job, especially in the absence of Kostas Sloukas. Also, our opponent Sasha Vezenkov made very difficult shots from the hand in the second half. On our side, it's hard to understand. We started the game badly again, as in the last matches today. The score came to 8-0 in the second minute of the match. Our concentration at the beginning of the match was not enough, then we did not play well, but the last two quarters ended in our favor. Despite this, we could not come back from the lead in the first quarter. Bad offensively Although we had an evening, he came back from 15 points in the last quarter and became a partner in the match. k. Congratulations to my team for not quitting the game. Our young player Erten Gazi also added energy in this section. We couldn't get the slightest contribution from our star players on offense. Everyone talks about we have very good quality players, but we need these quality players in critical matches like this, not against weak opponents in the Basketball Super League. I'm talking specifically about Will Clyburn and Vasilije Micic. We need these two players to play well against important opponents like Olympiakos. Unfortunately, our situation in the EuroLeague is not good at the moment."

  • Ergin Ataman