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Ergin Ataman Met with Media Members Before the New Season…

Anadolu Efes' Head Coach Ergin Ataman met with members of the media at the Sinan Erdem Dome with the excitement of starting a new season after achieving historic success by winning the EuroLeague Championship two years in a row.

With the pride of bringing the Presidential Cup to their museum for the 13th time, Ergin Ataman said, "We are very happy to start the season with such a valuable trophy." Expressing that they are ready for the season, Ataman emphasized that their staff has become stronger with the contribution of new transfers. Stating that as Anadolu Efes, they aim to become champions in every tournament they will compete in, Ergin Ataman said, "We want to break a new ground in the history of the EuroLeague by winning the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Championship three years in a row."


Answering the questions of journalists at the media meeting, Anadolu Efes Head Coach Ergin Ataman said: “We are starting a new season. Of course, our goals are big, our competitors are strong in every lane. I think this season will be a great challenge in the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League and the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague. At the beginning of this season, we made changes in the squad compared to previous years. We have five new players. I think we mounted them well during the preparation period for the team. On Sunday, we will open the league season with Galatasaray Nef. Next Friday we will play the Crvena Zvezda Mts again and open the EuroLeague season. An intense marathon awaits us. Our goals are the same. From now on, we will move forward step by step."

I believe in our team…

"Some clubs and teams are stronger than others. At least 14-15 teams are stronger than each other in the EuroLeague targeting the play-offs. I think the most important value for us is “Our Team”. I believe in our team.”

Our fans give us strength…

"All of the last 8-9 games played in the Euroleague last season were sold out at Sinan Erdem. I think this will be the case from the first game this season. Because Anadolu Efes is now not only supported by its own fans but also loves sports and basketball in Turkey. It is a team that is adopted and followed by the masses and that everyone is proud of. As the EuroLeague champion of the last two seasons… Apart from that, there was a very serious show and a very serious atmosphere here, not only as a success but also in the Sinan Erdem Dome, especially in EuroLeague matches. Everyone who came here enjoyed it. Of course, we want to win every match, but there will be games we will lose. But we see that the fans who come here both have fun and catch a synergy with the team in the "Fair Play" at Sinan Erdem Dome. It gives a lot of power.”

You can watch Anadolu Efes Head Coach Ergin Ataman's 2022-2023 Season Press Conference on Anadolu Efes Sports Club's YouTube account: