We Finished the Regular Season in Third Place in the League...

We were the guests of Yukatel Merkezefendi Belediyesi Basket in the 30th-week match of the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League and we won the game by 94-71. We finished the first half of the match, which was played at Pamukkale University Sports Hall, ahead 47-33.

Our team started the game with Larkin, Beaubois, Elijah, Clyburn, and Zizic starting five, and we took the lead in the first minute with Beaubois' three-pointer. With Zizic's successive points under the rim, we entered the fifth minute with an 11-8 lead. In the second five-minute part of the quarter, Larkin, Beaubois, and Buğrahan also contributed to the score, and we were ahead 21-17 in the first 10 minutes of the game. We started the second period with four points from Elijah and we were ahead 25-21 in the 12th minute. With five points from Egehan, we made the score 30-21 in the 15th minute. With Buğrahan's nine points, the score was 39-29 at 17:30, while Furkan also scored in the remaining part and we finished the first half of the game ahead 47-33.

Our first points in the second half came from Larkin, and we made the score 51-34 in the 21st minute. We scored with Elijah and Zizic in these minutes and we were ahead 57-38 in the 24th minute. With the hits of Beaubois and Larkin, the score was 65-46 in the 28th minute. After the points from Egehan and Dunston in the remaining section, we entered the last 10 minutes of the game with a 72-50 lead. We started the final period with Clyburn's three-pointer and entered the 31st minute with a 75-52 lead. With the points of Buğrahan and Elijah, we brought the score to 83-59 in the 35th minute. We maintained our lead until the end of the match and after Furkan, Egehan, and Dunston's points, we won the match 94-71.