Anadolu Efes Spor Kulübü

Our victory series continue: 90-77

Hosting Israel’s Maccabi Fox Tel Aviv team in the 8th-week match of Turkish Airlines Euroleague match, Anadolu Efes won the game with the score of 90-77. Anadolu Efes was ahead with the score of 38-31 at the halftime of the match that has been played at Sinan Erdem Sports Arena.

Starting the match with Micic, Beaubois, Anderson, Moerman, and Dunston, Anadolu Efes’s first point was scored by Dunston. After Micic’s three-pointer, our team finished the first minute 5-0 ahead, ad after rival team’s points the score table was set to 5-8 at the 4th minute. Our team balanced the score with Dunston and Micic again, and at the 5th minute lead the score 9-8.  With Simon and Micic’s points, our team passed the 8th minute 14-20 ahead and in the last part of the first quarter Dunston scored 2 more points and our team finished the first quarter 16-14 ahead. Starting the second quarter Simon and Larkin duo’s points set the score tablet o 21-17 at the 11th minute. In this part Pleiss and Beaubois was effective underneath and with Dunston’s fandy dunk our team raised the score difference to double digits fort he first time at the 15th minute: 30-20. In this part our team didn’t allow the rival to close the point gap, then Simon, Moerman and Micic’s points at the last 1:20 minutes of the first half set the score tablet o 38-28 and our team was 10 point ahead. Remaining duration Anadolu Efes couldn’t score but finished 38-31 ahead.


Starting the second half with Dunston’s points from the free-throw line, Micic scored with a layup and at the 22nd minute our team lead the score 41-33. With Dunston’s point from the free-throw again, and Simon and Beaubois’s 3-point baskets raised the score difference to 10 points again at the 24th minute: 48-38. After Moerman’s point, Dunston scored with two repeated dunks at the 26th minute: 54-43. In the last 2-minute duration of the quarter Anderson, Motum and Pleiss conserved the score difference and finished 62-53 ahead. Starting the final quarter with Motum’s repeating 3-pointers our team brought the score to 68-56 at the 31st minute and the rival team called a time-out. Returning from the time-out Pleiss scored two mid-range baskets and set the score table to 72-58 at the 32nd minute. Larkin responded to the rival team’s 5 points with 7 points and our team passed the 35th minute 79-63 ahead. After Moerman and Pleiss’s underneath points, Larkin scored a three-pointer as well and at the last 1:20 minutes of the match our team was 90-75 ahead. Remaining duration Anadolu Efes continued leading the score and won the match with the score 90-77. 

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