Vaggelis Aggelou: “We want to conclude well...”

Preparing to face Fenerbahçe on Thursday, 10 April at the 14th and last week match of THY Euroleague Top 16, Group E, Anadolu Efes Coach Vaggelis Aggelou commented on the upcoming match

“We want to conclude well on our European campaign this year. As in all matches, we have to have a professional approach to this match. We need to resolve our deficiencies in rebounding, as well as on-the-ball and off-the-ball individual defense.

Among the competent players of the team, Deniz Kılıçlı also stated his thoughts: “Our opponent is a significant one. Just like us, Fenerbahçe plays in a high tempo both in Europe and in the Turkish League. We would like to put up a good match and snatch the victory...”

  • Vaggelis Aggelou
  • Deniz Kılıçlı