Yakup Sekizkök: ” We Came Back Step by Step...”

In the 24th week of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague, Yakup Sekizkök, who managed our team instead of Ergin Ataman a, who could not be the with of our team due to his illness CSKA Moscow away game, shared his views after the game as follows:

"We came here knowing how difficult and challenging this match would be. And we were ready for this tough match. After the Fenerbahçe match, our energy and speed increased. Tonight was a match as expected. We found empty shots in the first quarter and made them. Our scores were shared between our players and we took the lead in the third quarter by 13. CSKA Moscow came back in the third quarter. They played well in this time period. They got offensive rebounds, they found empty shots and they took us out of the game discipline in this section. We used our two time-outs in these minutes to find our rhythm and reorganize our offense. And we started to play better offense with the energy and motivation we found from our good defense. We came back step by step. At the end of the third quarter, we talked that we would break the match in the fourth quarter. However, as a result of some mistakes, we made, difficult shots by CSKA Moscow, and missed free throws in the last seconds of the match, the game went to overtime. Naturally, both teams wanted to win the game at the overtime. Our opponent tried to score with Clyburn and us, with Micic and Larkin. And we were successful in that too. Even though we missed some shots, we finally won by taking the rebounds. The matches we play with a team like CSKA are always very enjoyable and exciting."

  • CSKA Moskova
  • Yakup Sekizkök