Yakup Sekizkök: ”Our Defense as a Team Brought Us the Win...”

As the Türkiye Sigorta Super League passed Darüşşafaka 88-78 in its third week, our assistant coach Yakup Onaykök shared his views at the postgame press conference as follows:

"It was a tough match. We expected it. The Turkish league is a very difficult, very competitive league. Every game is important, both inside and outside. It is important both for winning and also for having the morale weekend as this week is a double match week in Euroleague. We couldn't reflect the organization we wanted on the court at half-time. After the first five minutes, we lost our concentration a bit, we regained our rhythm in the second half. Beaubois has a very important offensive performance but the defense we made as a team brought us victory. I hope we will continue in the coming weeks. I wish Darüşşafaka success as well."

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  • Yakup Sekizkök