Ahmet Çakı: “We managed to win by rising up in the final quarter...”

Defeating Darüşşafaka Doğuş 80-71 at the first match of Spor Toto Basketball League playoff semi finals, Anadolu Efes coach Ahmet Çakı stated his thoughts at the post-game press conference:

“I can say that in fact, the first and fourth quarters went as we planned. We were focused on putting the opponent under pressure in all cases. Our defense in the first quarter was great. Points that we conceded in these moments were mostly buzzer beaters. In the second quarter, our actual problem was our inability in offense against Darüşşafaka Doğuş’s defense. Recently, we want not only guards, but also forwards to be involved in the passing flow. However, Darüşşafaka Doğuş was well prepared for that today, which is why we failed to reflect it well on the court. Along with the beginning of the second half, we couldn’t manage to make our desired comeback against Darüşşafaka Doğuş. Darüşşafaka Doğuş is a very experienced team. Yet in the fourth quarter, we started getting points powered by our defense thanks to Heurtel’s top class individual performance and Cedi, Doğuş, Saric and Dunston’s contributions on defense. Even though we didn’t play well in three quarters, we managed to win the match by rising up in the final quarter. Of course, this is only the first match of the series. We have to focus better on our weak aspects, and take necessary precautions for the second match. We are happy to be on the winning side at home. We aim to win the second match as well in order to maintain advantage...”
Anadolu Efes’s young talent Furkan Korkmaz also stated his thoughts: “We had a pretty good start as a team into the match. We were able to prepare well for this match. We want to get the title by playing well in the playoffs. Today, we had good and bad moments throughout the match. Still, in general, we managed to hang on to the match. Even though we were trailing, we ended up with the victory by playing well. Right now, we have the second match ahead. We want to win this match as well to maintain the home court advantage. I would also like to congratulate Darüşşafaka Doğuş.”

  • Furkan Korkmaz
  • Darüşşafaka Doğuş
  • Ahmet Çakı