We get the win against Aliağa Petkim: 89-79

We were guests of Aliağa Petkim in the second-week game of the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League and we won the game 89-79. We finished the first half of the match, which was played at Enka Sports Hall, 45-48 behind.

While our team entered the game with Micic, Buğrahan, Elijah, Polonara, and Zizic starting five, the score was 6-2 in the second minute with Micic and Elijah's three-pointers. After Zizic's under-the-rim field goal, this time Polonara and Buğrahan hit three-pointers, bringing the score to 14-12 in the fifth minute. After Zizic and Elijah's lay-ups, Micic also hit behind the three-point line, and we finished the first 10 minutes 22-26 behind. We started the second period with one hit each by Micic and Zizic from the foul line, and the 13th minute was entered with a score of 24-32. Our team, which scored consecutive points with Clyburn in this section, reached 37-41 in the 17th minute with the hits from Egemen and Egemen. We scored with Micic and Zizic in the remaining section of the quarter and finished the first half of the game 45-48 behind.

While our team started the second half fast and effectively, we were ahead 57-50 in the 24th minute by scoring consecutive points with Polonara and Elijah. After Zizic's two accurate free throws brought the score to 59-55 in the 26th minute, we brought the score to 62-57 in one minute with Micic's three-pointer. We scored two more points with Elijah in the last three minutes of the quarter, leading 64-62 into the last 10 minutes of the game. We started the final period with Elijah's two points and Micic and Clyburn's three points each and increased the lead to double digits in the 32nd minute: 72-62. After the home team's timeout at this minute, Buğrahan hits two consecutive three-pointers and we brought the score to 78-65 in the 33rd minute. We increased the lead to 15 points at 33:30 when Clyburn turned Zizic's defensive rebound into under-the-rim hits: 80-65. With Zizic's stylish dunk, the score was 82-65 in the 35th minute, and we maintained our superiority until the end of the match after the points of Buğrahan and Egehan, we won the match 89-79.

Anadolu Efes Player Statistics
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