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Anadolu Efes: 111 - Pınar Karşıyaka: 112

We hosted Pınar Karşıyaka in the ninth-week match of the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League and lost 111-112 in the second overtime after the match ended with 90-90 in the regular time and 99-99 in the first overtime. We finished the first half of the match played at Sinan Erdem Dome, 42-46 behind.

Our team started the game with Micic, Buğrahan, Clyburn, Pleiss, and Dunston starting five, and we were ahead 6-3 in the first minute with the three-pointers by Buğrahan and Pleiss. When the score was 6-10 in the third minute, our head coach Ergin Ataman took a time-out. On the return from the time-out, Micic's one and Clyburn's two accurate three-pointers led to a score of 15-19 in the sixth minute. After Dunston's stylish dunk, Micic scored 10 points in a row and the first 10 minutes of the game ended 27-30. We started the second period with Egehan's basket; the score was 29-33 in the 11th minute. In this section, Egehan was passed with a score of 39-44 in the 18th minute when Pleiss also contributed to the score. After Micic's three-pointer, the first half of the match ended with the score 42-46.

We started the second half with Dunston and Micic's points and the score came to 46-48 as we entered the 21st minute. With Beaubois and Clyburn's three points each, we took the lead at 23:30: 52-50. After Pleiss and Clyburn's points in the paint, Buğrahan scored two three-pointers and brought the score to 62-59 in the 26th minute. After Micic and Dunston's points, we were ahead 71-69 in the last 10 minutes of the game with Buğrahan's basket. Our first hit in the final period came from Egehan: 73-69. With the hits of Micic and Dunston, we entered the 35th minute with our 79-75 lead. Our 82nd point came from Beaubois, who scored three points, and we were leading 86-84 in the 1:30 minute with Clyburn's four points. With Micic's layup, we were leading 88-87 in the last minute of the match. After the score was 88-90 in the last 29 seconds, Clyburn hit the foul line twice and rebalanced the score in the last 20 seconds of the game: 90-90. In the remaining part, neither team could score, and the match ended 90-90 and overtime was started.

We started the overtime with Micic's two accurate free throws and tied 92-92 in the 42nd minute. Our team, which frequently came to the foul line in this section, was ahead 95-94 in the last two minutes of the match with one hit by Clyburn and two by Micic. We brought the score to 97-94 in the last 1:30 minutes with Dunston's lay-up. Clyburn scored two accurate foul shots in the last 24 seconds, bringing the score to 99-98. While the last 16 seconds of the match were tied 99-99, the teams could not score in the remaining part and the second overtime period started.

We started the second overtime with Micic's layup and took the lead again: 101-99. With Clyburn's four points, we made the score 105-101 in the 47th minute. We took a time-out when the score came to 105-107 in the last two minutes. With points from Buğrahan and Micic after the time-out, we took the lead again in the last 1:20 minutes of the match: 109-107. With Pleiss' layup, we were ahead 111-110 in the last 30 seconds. We could not find a score in the remaining part and we were defeated 111-112 in the match.