Anadolu Efes crushes one leader after another: 85-67

Hosting Fenerbahçe at the 13th week match-up of Turkish Basketball League, Anadolu Efes won the game 85-67. Anadolu Efes was ahead 44-41 at the halftime of the match, played at Abdi İpekçi Arena.

Starting the match with Doğuş, Janning, Perperoglou, Saric and Lasme, Anadolu Efes got its first field goal by Saric. Ahead 9-0 after Lasme’s perimeter shot, the team forced the opponent to take a timeout with Saric’s block followed by Perperoglou’s three-pointer: 12-0. Reaching a 16-0 run with Doğuş’s points after the timeout, Efes hadn’t allowed any points in the fifth minute. Conceding its very first points at 5.15, Anadolu Efes was up 18-2 with Perperoglou after the sixth minute. Getting one more point with Lasme in the remaining duration, Anadolu Efes finished the first 10 minutes ahead 19-12. Starting the second quarter with Draper’s field goal and an and-one, the team was ahead 22-12 after its first possession. Leading 26-18 in the 12th minute with Saric’s points, the team made it 29-20 in the 13th minute with Draper’s three-pointer. As the opponent closed the gap to make it 29-24 at 14.30, Ivkovic took a timeout. With Draper and Cedi’s points after the timeout, the team was ahead 40-34 in the 18th minute. Doğuş and Perperoglou’s four points in the last two minutes helped Anadolu Efes towards a halftime score of 44-41.

As the score was tied at 44 with one minute played in the second half, Janning hit two three-pointers and put Anadolu Efes up 50-44 in the 22nd minute. After Lasme made it 52-44, Draper hit a three-point field goal to help Anadolu Efes stay ahead 55-48 with 2.30 to play in the quarter. Getting three points each by Janning and Cedi as well as two points by Deniz, Efes was up 63-51 while entering the final quarter. Janning scored our first field-goal in the final quarter to make it 65-51 at 31.30. Perperoglou got an and-one and Bjelica followed that with a three-pointer at 33.30, increasing the lead to 17 points: 71-54. Ahead 73-57 with Janning’s layup at the 35th minute, Anadolu Efes made it 75-57 after Perperoglou’s free-throws with four minutes left to play. Keeping up with the score with Saric, Lasme, Perperoglou and Cedi, Anadolu Efes won the game 85-67.

  • Doğuş Balbay
  • Fenerbahçe
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