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Anadolu Efes Says Farewell to the Historic Facility in Merter

Being the pioneer of the firsts and the winner of the first trophy in the level of European team sports in the Turkish basketball Anadolu Efes, the club that holds the most trophies in Turkish basketball, says farewell to the symbolic Merter facilities.

The names that changed the history of Turkish basketball were raised in Anadolu Efes Sports Club Merter Facilities

Established in 1982 in Istanbul-Merter, Merter Facilities of Anadolu Efes has been a vital meeting point for the basketball families while hosting those changed the Turkish basketball history that was raised in Anadolu Efes’s Youth Club.

The facility was the headquarters of raising coaches and sportspeople who valued the Turkish basketball while introducing thousands of youngsters to basketball, and helping thousands of youngsters to represent our country in international platforms and organizations to this day.

Anadolu Efes Sports Club Museum in Merter Facilities was one of the important locations for our basketball. All the trophies those won wince 1976 such as the first cup that Turkish teams ever won on the team sports level in 1996, the Korac Cup, will be moved to Anadolu Efes Sports Club’s new home.

Anadolu Efes’s new facility information will be shared with the basketball family shortly.

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