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Ataman: “Bench contributed very well…”

Defeating Gaziantep Basketball 73-59 at the quarter-finals of the Domestic Cup and qualify for the semi-finals, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman shared his thoughts at the press conference:

"Domestic Cup matches, especially one-match tournaments are always tough. Hence, we struggled at the beginning of the match. We faced a serious defence. Gaziantep is a team that plays organised, they play a well defence. We were unable to raise the point difference until the third quarter as we were below our general shoot percentage. Though, we were able to receive contribution from the bench especially. Buğrahan and Sertaç contributed well. We turned the match around on our favour after Gaziantep Basketball’s bigs started to have foul problems. We managed to win the quarter-final match easily via playing the last quarter well. We will await our opponent now.”

Our team captain Doğuş Balbay also shared his thoughts at the press-conference: “I believe we played a well offense. We managed to keep them at 59 points. It was very important for us to keep them below 60 points. It is possible that we didn’t play with our best percentage on offense but it is important to finish well on the tournament. It is usual to have ups and downs. We will await our opponent today and concentrate to the semi-finals afterward. We try to progress step-by-step.” 

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