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Ataman: ”We Played A Great Basketball Tonight...”

Anadolu Efes, who beat Darüşşafaka Lassa 104-94 in the first match of the Play-off Quarterfinals of the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League, took a 1-0 lead in the series, and head coach Ergin Ataman shared his views after the game as follows:

"We played great basketball tonight. We fought very well. We played a near-perfect game, especially in the offensive part. We had some problems in the first half, especially in the second period, in the defense. That's why we couldn't break the game as we wanted. I have to say that since yesterday, I'm watching the play-off matches. With these referees, there are these whistles that continue throughout the season, but today you are looking at the Darüşşafaka Lassa team who had thrown thirty-two free throws. I watched other matches as well. Here I am calling; MHK should be more careful, and the referees should be more warning, and well prepared. They need to come to these playoff games well-trained and more prepared. We have had only one referee in the EuroLeague for ten years. Three referees and four referees each from all over Europe. The Turkish Basketball League is currently the best league in Europe. This is seen in the play-off matches. But for some reason, our referees cannot be promoted to the higher level. We saw this today as well. I also watched the games played in the play-offs last night. I am calling MHK from here. Let them show the necessary sensitivity in this matter. Because we and other teams, of course, everyone is playing for the championship. Things can happen. In other words, a number of events may occur on the fields in a way that has not happened before in the Turkish Basketball League. I'm watching the statements. I give this statement in the calmest way. Anadolu Efes has very fair supporters here right now. There may be serious problems in other halls. Again, I warn MHK from here."