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Ataman: We Got Contribution From All Our Players...

After defeating Gaziantep Basketball 106-82 in the 28th-week match of the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman explained his views as follows:

“The most important thing today was the energy of the team. We were in an extremely good condition in terms of energy. We didn't play for 13 days. Of course, in the official match, the Gaziantep team is struggling to stay in the league in the last weeks. They are playing well. Today, they played well until the last period of the match, but we managed to break the match. We received contributions from all our players. Our only goal right now is the league. We want to win the remaining three games in the league and enter the play-offs with the goal of becoming a champion. In this way, our work will continue.

Dunston's arrival here today reassured his friends. Because he had a huge accident. He has wounds on his hands. His physical condition is good. Of course, he is trying to get over it psychologically. Chris Singleton scared us a lot. After two days of interventions and examinations, it was seen that there was no heart attack and there was inflammation in the pericardium. As of today, he has been discharged, but he will not be able to play basketball for a while. Doctors said it was inconvenient for him to play for about a month. If we reach the final in the play-offs, maybe then he can play. All this scared us a lot, we've already had a lot of setbacks throughout the season. God forbid it. At the moment, both of our players seem to be in good health. Hopefully, this will be the last."

  • Ergin Ataman