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Ataman: “It was important to finish the league on the third row…”

Defeating Gaziantep Basketball 94-87 in the 29th-week match of Tahincioğlu Basketball Super League game, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman stated his thoughts at the post-game press conference:

“We already knew that it was going to be a tough match. I congratulate Gaziantep. They fought very well. Especially in the first half of the match we have struggled to stop Sean Armand. This was a situation that we have foreseen. Gaziantep is playing well in the last couple of weeks. Though victory was important for us to finish the league in the third row. It was one of our targets and we guaranteed it tonight. We showed strength until the end of the match and won via using the capacity of the team. Now we will wait for the play-offs and get ready for them.”

Our player Toney Douglas also stated his thoughts at the press conference: “Today we shown the game we wanted to play at the second half of the match. We continued with our offense throughout the game but I think that we won the match with our defense.”

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