Ataman: ”We Reacted Well...”

Head coach Ergin Ataman of Anadolu Efes, who won the match in the 16th week of the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League, by 80-70 against Galatasaray Nef, shared his views as follows:

"Before the match, we knew that the match would be tough. Galatasaray Nef played a tough and oppressive game in front of the audience. Generally, the game was under our control, and although we fell behind from time to time, we always reacted well. We fought well and defended very well. Larkin has a very good team today. Played his friends very well, both by himself and by getting the ball to the right person. Larkin, as a playmaker, has a great share in our regular game today. Everyone did their best. Some of our players are not in the form we want, Clyburn is having a formless period but he is also a player who is in the top three in the Euroleague in scoring. Today, he could not fully step in. Erten Gazi showed a very good performance when he entered the game. Dunston did a great job in defense, he was effective in the attack in the double games with Larkin. Now we are going to Baskonia away. We have seen once again that we need to play with this style of play. We will continue to work on it. We won with 10 points. Not to mention the conversations between the player and the coach after a derby match. We had warnings to motivate him. Clyburn also put in a lot of effort, but he was out of shape."

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