Ataman: ”The League Is Important For Us...”

Head coach Ergin Ataman of Anadolu Efes, who won the ING Basketball Super League match with Tofaş with an 84-77 win, shared his views after the game as follows:

"We came from a demoralizing loss, it's not easy. We lost our match against Olympiacos. Of course, it's not easy to concentrate on such matches, but my players fought well in my opinion. We made mistakes in defense from time to time, we made mistakes, but we played the game in the way that we wanted on the offense. Tofaş, I also congratulate them. They also fought well, they did not back up from the game. The league is important for us, we are in the leadership battle with Fenerbahçe Beko. It was important to win in order not to lose our place. "

  • Tofaş
  • Ergin Ataman