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Ataman: “Our players shared the minutes before the Euroleague double week…”

Defeating Galatasaray team 90-80 in the 16th-week match of ING Basketball Super League, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman stated his thoughts post-game:

"We’ve played fine basketball. It is the Euroleague double week and we will play two critical games that we would definitely love to win. Therefore, our players shared the minutes, our players those play in Euroleague found time to rest, and regardless, we’ve scored 90 points. Tolga sprained his ankle. Tolga doesn’t play in Euroleague that much but he is an important player for ING Basketball Super League. Our actual problem is that Krunoslav Simon has a serious injury in his waist, we’re trying to heal him. Tibor isn’t playing for a while as well. Tolga was playing in the absence of Simon, but James Anderson is in a good shape and played a fine basketball tonight. We will try to win both matches and find our way up on the league ranking.”

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  • Ergin Ataman