Ataman: ”My Players Revealed Their Characters...”

Head coach Ergin Ataman of Anadolu Efes, who won the 2nd match of the Semi-Finals of the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League with a 92-90 away victory over Fenerbahçe Beko, shared his views after the game as follows:

"Congratulations to my players. After a very heavy loss, after dropping 13 points in the first part of this match, they showed their character and did not quit the match. We received good contributions from Elijah and Furkan, especially from Larkin and Clyburn. We took the series 1-1. These are the things I can say about the match. Actually, I have a lot more to talk about other than that, but let me tell you, we are a profession in which one ball steers. We are doing the most ungrateful job in the world. I am very sorry these days, but I will not talk. I will explain in my new book.”

  • Ergin Ataman