Ataman: “We Started The Semifinal Series with a Difference, Now We Will Prepare For The Second Match ...”

Defeating the Beşiktaş Icrypex team 96-77 in the Play-Off Semifinal first match of ING Basketball Super League and setting the series to 2-0, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman stated his thoughts post-game:

"We played superior in a major part of the match and we scored a serious difference. Then we broke away from the discipline of the game and loosened the defense and started to allow the rival team to score. We start the semi-final series with a point difference, but some issues are a serious danger for us. I congratulate Şeyhmus, as a young player who put forward a great game. I hope this performance will set an example for our players. If a player from the rival team scored 30 points, it is a big problem for our defense. Şeyhmus played very well, but we won the match. We will prepare for the second match on Friday."

  • Ergin Ataman