Anadolu Efes Spor Kulübü

Ataman: “We will try to win the two matches at home and come back here…”

Defeated by Tofaş 82-89 in playoff semifinals 2nd match of Tahincioğlu Basketball Super League game, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman stated his thoughts at the post-game press conference:

“This was a top-level basketball match. I believe that the audience enjoyed it. I congratulate Tofaş team. They played very well two days ago as well. Honestly I expected their physical strength to fall today. Though they put on an amazing performance from the first half of the match. We resisted, actually we weren’t that bad today either. Especially Henry played an extra game. We struggled to stop him. Him playing like this was a surprise for us. Weems had an injury and he wasn’t able to play. We chose Stimac instead but we couldn’t gain the performance we needed from our two foreigners; both Stimac and Douglas. So our rotation narrowed and we got tired, because we put on an effort. I am satisfied with the fight my team put on. We lost the match but fought well. Though they played better than us. Now the series is set to 2-0. We needed to win 3 matched in order to take the series to the finals. Now we have 2 matches ahead. We will try to win at home and come back here at the 5th match.”

Our player Birkan Batuk also stated his thoughts at the post-game press conference as: “The series is set to 2-0. Tofaş used their advantage of being the host well. We reacted better than the first match today. Though we have had simple mistakes especially on the one-on-one defence and couldn’t stop Tofaş’s points. If we win the next 2 matches we will play at home. We needed 3 wins at the beginning of the series to go to the finals. Though the situation is still the same even though we have lost 2 matches. We have the strength to make it happen and we believe that we can. We need to play well at home. We must put a big energy to the arena. Now we want to win the first match ahead, add one more match to the series, go to Bursa and play at the finals.”

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