Thousands of Books Collected in the ”Bring a Book” Project

Anadolu Efes Sports Club, which realized the "You Bring a Book" project for the sixth time to support the education of children in need, together with the Anadolu Foundation, collected thousands of books before the Aliağa Petkim Sports game.

Anadolu Efes, which has surpassed previous years in the number of books thanks to the intense interest of education volunteer basketball fans and especially children, provided free match tickets to fans who donated books.

The books will be sent all over Turkey in a short time.

The primary and secondary school level books that are brought to the Sinan Erdem Dome by the fans, which are not scratched, unpainted, and in good condition, will also go through the classification process. The books deemed suitable for submission will be sent to schools all over Turkey to be determined by Anadolu Foundation in a short time.

Anadolu Efes, which has collected tens of thousands of books so far thanks to the “Bring a Book” project, will continue to contribute to the educational lives of students in need in the coming seasons.


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