Third Win in Week Three at BSL: 88-78

We hosted Darüşşafaka in the third-week match of the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League and we won the game 88-78. We finished the first half of the match played at Sinan Erdem Dome, 41-43 behind.

While our team started the game with Micic, Beaubois, Egehan, Pleiss, and Dunston starting five, Beaubois scored three points in the first offense of the match. With the points we found from the hands of Pleiss and Micic in the first part, we were ahead 12-9 in the fifth minute. While our team was leading 17-12 in the eighth minute with Beaubois and Micic's points, we kept the lead in the remaining section and we finished the first 10 minutes of the game 22-20 ahead with the hits of Buğrahan and Beaubois. We started the second period with Buğrahan's five points and we were leading 27-24 in the 12th minute. After Micic's five points, Erten hit the foul line once and it was passed with a score of 33-33 in 16 minutes. While the score was 39-37 in the last two minutes of the half with three-pointers from Clyburn and Erten, we scored two points with Micic in the remaining two minutes and finished the first half of the game 41-43 behind.

We started the second half with three points each by Micic and Beaubois, and it was tied 47-47 in the 22nd minute. We continued to score with Beaubois in these minutes and the score came to 52-53 in the 25th minute. Our centers Dunston and Pleiss also contributed to the score in this section, and we were ahead 59-55 in the 28th minute. After the points from Clyburn and Buğrahan in the remaining time, we entered the last 10 minutes of the match with our 64-60 advantage. Our first hit in the final period came from Clyburn, behind the arc: 67-62. A three-pointer came from Micic in the 32nd minute, bringing the score to 70-64. With five points from Beaubois after Dunston's stylish dunk, at 35:30 we increased the lead to double digits for the first time in the game: 77-67. After two points from Clyburn's foul line, the score was 79-67 in the 36th minute. In the last section, we entered the last 40 seconds of the match with a 86-78 lead with Micic, Dunston, and Clyburn hitting the free-throw line. After two points against Beaubois in our last offense, we won the game 88-78.

  • Darüşşafaka