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Dusan Ivkovic: “Offensive rebounds were one of the game-changing factors...”

Defeating Trabzonspor 77-59 in the second match of the Turkish Basketball League play-off semi finals, now ahead 2-0 in the series, Anadolu Efes coach Dusan Ivkovic stated his thoughts at the post-game press conference:

“Every match is different in play-offs. Trabzonspor performed really well in the first half today. They played determined and pressing basketball. Our game control and defense in the first half was not on a desired level. In the first half, we could only get three field goals from pick and rolls. In the second half, the game was completely different. We performed well on defense, and got more points from pick and rolls. We earned 12 points from 10 offensive rebounds. This was one of the game-changing factors to bring the win today. In play-offs, you have to fight hard throughout the game, not only a single part of it. We took advantage of being the home team in these first two matches, and are leading 2-0 in the series. The third match will be played in Trabzon on Wednesday. We have to prepare as good as we can for this game...”

Efes’s Birkan Batuk also stated his thoughts at the press conference: “We are happy to be on the winning side. We are now leading 2-0 in the series. We knew that today’s match would be much harder than the first. In the first match, we were leading by about 30 points. Today, Trabzonspor fought much better to start the match. We, on the other hand, did not manage to display that strength in the first half. However, we recovered in the second half and won the game. The third match will be even harder. Trabzonspor will play at home, in front of their own supporters. I hope we will win on the road, win the series 3-0 and reach the finals...”

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