Dusan Ivkovic: Our defense was extremely effective...

Defeating Galatasaray 71-60 at the second week match of Spor Toto Basketball League, Anadolu Efes coach Dusan Ivkovic stated his thoughts at the post-game press conference:

“We played our first game in the league today, and it was fairly hard compared to our first match. We deserved the victory. The course of the match depended on my lads. They read the game well, they fought well and kept the game under control. We lost Heurtel and Birkan only three hours before the match due to severe flu. Last week at Euroleague, we had an excellent showing on offense with 15 three-pointers and 27 assists against Limoges on the road. After that win, we frankly did not have much time to prepare for the game against Galatasaray. Compared to the matches we played in the Presidential Cup and Euroleague, we were more effective on defense. We played our first match in the league, and we now have a more challenging schedule ahead. We almost played three matches in six days. Now, we will play against EA Milano in the Euroleague. We have to prepare as good as we can for this game. I would like to congratulate my lads. I would also like to wish Galatasaray success in their upcoming games...”

Efes’s young talent Oğulcan Baykan also stated his thoughts: “First of all, I would like to congratulate Galatasaray. They fought very well. Today, we did everything we could on the court. We were well-prepared for this game especially in terms of defense. We had missing members in the squad, but we were able to patch that up as a team. I would like to congratulate everyone in the team...”

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