Dusan Ivkovic: “We lost the control of the game with turnovers in the second quarter...”

Defeated by Eskişehir 81-79 at the 25th week match of Turkish Basketball League, Anadolu Efes coach Dusan Ivkovic stated his thoughts at the post-game press conference:

“I would like the congratulate Eskişehir. They got a well-deserved win. In the second quarter, we had seven reckless turnovers and lost the control we had in hand. The most important factor in the rest of the match was Eskişehir’s 9/17 three pointers at 53%. We, on the other hand, missed 17/28 of our three pointers, only hitting 32% of them, after double teams on Krstic. We had to head for the rim and get the desired outcome by penetrating. We will now continue to our training. We will play a very crucial game after two days of preparation. I would like to wish success to Eskişehir, and congratulate them once more...”

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