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Post Game Comments by Ergin Ataman...

After the first game of the ING Basketball Super League Play-off Final, our head coach Ergin Ataman shared his views as follows:

"Of course, it's not easy, we are physically and mentally tired. We left behind a very tough Euroleague Final Four and came out of a very tough playoff semi-final series. Today the final started again and our playmaker Micic couldn't play due to injury. Fenerbahçe Beko deserved to win. We didn't play well today. We made 19 turnovers. Especially in such environments, we had trouble organizing the game without the main playmaker. Their frontcourt players took 17 rebounds, we took just 10 rebounds. This game was like that, but of course, that doesn't mean we're going to quit the series. We will try to equalize the series here again on Thursday, but in such a compressed play-off, my concern is that the players will get injuries. These types of injuries can also affect the national team tomorrow. At least, if there was a break for 3-4 more days and the final series would start. The team will be physically like this. We're so tired at the moment, we can't train. We'll just rest, we'll play the second game on Thursday. We'll chase it to the end.