Ergin Ataman: “I thank everyone very much…”

Head coach Ergin Ataman of Anadolu Efes, which completed the 2022-23 season of the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League with the championship, shared his views after the game as follows:

“Now, first of all, I have to congratulate Pınar Karşıyaka. They fought very well and showed what a good team they are by coming to the final. There is a heavy atmosphere in Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Karşıyaka Sports Hall. Of course, it is very meaningful to win the third match and become the champion here. We remembered that we were a team again in the playoffs. Our injuries got better, we suffered some injuries like Clyburn during the play-off process, but we couldn't take a step back any longer. Two cups were played in Turkey this season. At the beginning of the season, the President's Cup is in our museum. Now, at the end of the season, the league championship is once again in our museum. Of course, I am proud of him. I'm sorry for the Euroleague. We had a dream. We set out to do something that no one else in history could do, but we failed. We couldn't make the playoffs. If we could, things could have been very different, but it didn't happen. Of course, it's not easy. For me, after all these years, in which I worked at this club not as a professional, but as an amateur from my youth years, I will be happy if I can be called Anadolu Efes legend in the future. A change was needed. Neither I alone nor the club decided on this. We decided on this together with our president. I think it will be good for both parties. Sometimes in life, you have to take some risks, some changes. Throughout my life, I have always taken up challenges. This is a new challenge for me. I will try to represent my country in the best way in Greece. Anadolu Efes is my home, my club. I wish them the best of luck next season. We wrote a great story together for five years. The documentary team is also here, and they started the season with us to shoot for the third championship in the EuroLeague. No, it ended with a drama. We failed. We had a failed Euroleague season at Anadolu Efes for the first time, but that's life. “Everything is over in Efes, Ergin Ataman is already leaving. This team does not complete the season, it leaves.” As soon as it was said, we were resurrected after a 42-point Fenerbahçe Beko loss, and we remembered our character. We put our heart on the field, we put our struggle. There was a feeling of disappointment from not being successful in the Euroleague, but that's the sport. I don't remember how many trophies I won in my 5-year Anadolu Efes adventure. This is the third Turkish Championship, Presidential Cup, and Türkiye Cup. I am at peace, I am at peace. There are also differences in this profession. We'll go, maybe we'll come back one day. I would like to thank all Anadolu Efes fans and everyone who supported us. It was a very nice farewell in the last match. I apologize for the Euroleague this season. Let them have their rights."

  • Ergin Ataman