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Ergin Ataman's post-game thoughts…

Defeating Adatıp Sakarya Büyükşehir Belediye team 99-62 in the 19th-week postponed match of Tahincioğlu Basketball Super League game, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman shared his thoughts at the post-game conference:

“I won’t be talking about the match. We used to enjoy being here in the past years. There was a beautiful Sakarya team. I was very upset today. The 300-400 Sakarya fans want to watch basketball regardless. Though there isn’t a Sakaryaspor team here. Here is the instruction of the federation to force the players to come here and go on the court. Though federation must claim the issue. They must protect the labour, the coaches, the administration, the masseur and the payers. If Sakarya cannot pay their wages, then the federation must. If Sakarya will not do it, then Sakarya must be dropped from the league in order to save the image of the Turkish League and Turkish Basketball. This is a disrespect to Turkish basketball, to Sakarya community and to those labour. It is a shame to bring the players those didn’t get paid for the past 6-7 months and let them sit on the bench, the foreign players have already fled apparently. These people must be paid their right. Then, if Sakarya team won’t continue, then this team must be dropping the league. This situation is troubling us all. We will play a very important Euroleague playoff match series next week and we had to pass today empty. We played with our young players in the team just to not upset the rival players. Though we’ve passed today empty in the end. We won’t be playing during the weekend because Trabzonspor dropped the league as well. We will be preparing for the playoff without playing any matches again. You are damaging the Turkish Basketball, you have to take precautions. There is nothing to say about the match. We’ve brought our young players, if the rules applied we would’ve brought our star players. Playing such a game is upsetting. There was a very beautiful Sakarya team here. I await Sakarya municipality to claim the issue and solve it. I believe there is a new mayor, I ask to them this as well…”

Our player Onuralp Bitim also stated his thoughts at the press-conference: “We are going on the court to win all the matches. It was a game that our foreign players rested today and we’ve received the chance to play. We are happy that we’ve had the chance to play as there aren’t chances to play in every league match. We have our friends in the rival team didn’t play, I wish they played as well, that would’ve made this match a better one. Our goal is to win every match…” 

  • Ergin Ataman
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