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Ergin Ataman: “We used Simon well on the offense…”

Defeating İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediye team 93-80 in the 14th-week match of Tahincioğlu Basketball Super League game, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman shared his thoughts at the post-game press conference:

"We find it hard to concentrate in these kinds of matches. We played a league match when not even 48 hours passed from our Euroleague match, we had to. We will travel to Lithuania tomorrow. Our players, of course, are more concentrated to Euroleague, and as the rival team is one of the last teams of the league, we began with a slow tempo. We fell behind 11 points at the 3rd quarter for a while. Though when we realized we were about to lose the match we turned up the tempo and used Simon well on the offense. As he used the shots effectively as well we won with a net score.”

Our Australian player Brock Motum also shared his thoughts at the press conference: “It was a tough match. Our rival started off with a good game. The first half was tough, they played very well. We were trailing 11 points at the 3rd quarter but we responded well and won the match.”

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