League Leader Efes takes Telekom down in the overtime: 89-87

Playing on the road against Türk Telekom at the 22nd week match of Spor Toto Basketball League, Anadolu Efes won the match 89-87 in the overtime after a regulation score of 80-80. Anadolu Efes was ahead 47-40 at the halftime of the match, played at Ankara Sports Hall. Out with injuries, Doğuş Balbay and Jon Diebler did not play for Anadolu Efes.

Starting the match with Granger, Heurtel, Cedi, Saric and Dunston, Anadolu Efes made the opening with Dunston, followed by Heurtel and Cedi’s points for a 9-0 scoring run at 1.40, forcing the home team to call a timeout. With three pointers each by Cedi and Saric following the timeout, Efes was leading 15-10 past the fifth minute. Scoring further with Cedi and Saric to lead 21-13 at 6.40, Anadolu Efes got scoring by Brown and Tyus, ahead 31-21 past the first 10 minutes of the game. As Tyus scored our first points in the second quarter, the score was 35-27 at 14.20. After two accurate free throws by Granger, Brown had three points from an and-one, increasing the lead to 11 points in the 16th minute: 40-29. Ahead 45-32 at 17.30 with Heurtel and Birkan’s points, Anadolu Efes had two points by Saric towards a halftime score of 47-40.

Starting the second half with Dunston and Saric’s points, Anadolu Efes made it 54-45 in the 23rd minute. After one accurate free throw by Granger, Efes had three points with Dunston from an and-one, increasing the lead to 10 points in the 24th minute: 57-47. With the score 57-57 in the 27th minute following the opponent’s scoring, coach Ivkovic called a timeout. Reclaiming the lead with Saric’s tip after the timeout, Efes was ahead 60-57 in the 28th minute following a free throw by Brown right after his defensive rebound. Grabbing another defensive rebound, Efes got a three pointer by Furkan, increasing the lead to six points within the final minute of the quarter: 63-57. Unable to score in the remaining duration, Efes was ahead 63-61 while heading into the final quarter. As Furkan scored our first point in the final quarter, the score was 64-63. Trailing 64-68 in the 33rd minute, Efes was down 72-73 in the 36th minute following Heurtel, Saric and Granger’s points. With a perimeter field goal by Brown and a three pointer by Saric, Anadolu Efes reclaimed the lead 77-76 within the last two minutes of the match. Trailing 77-80 with 30 seconds to play in the game, Anadolu Efes tied the game with Saric’s three pointer with 17 seconds to play in the game: 80-80. As both teams were scoreless in the remaining duration, the match went into overtime.

As Cedi had the first field goal of the overtime with his three pointer, Efes pulled up 83-80 at 41.30. When Birkan scored another three in the 42nd minute, the margin went up to four points: 86-82. Leading 88-85 with 18 seconds to play with Saric’s two accurate free throws, Anadolu Efes had another free throw by Heurtel, and left the court victorious 89-87.

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