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Our Team won Against Türk Telekom: 79-66...

Hosting the Türk Telekom team in the 7th-week match of the ING Basketball Super League, Anadolu Efes won the game 79-66. Anadolu Efes was ahead 35-31 at the half-time of the match that was played in the Sinan Erdem Sports Hall.

Starting the match with Larkin, Buğrahan, Elijah, Moerman, and Petrusev, Buğrahan scored Anadolu Efes’s first points behind the three-pointer line. Larkin’s three-pointer was followed by Moerman’s basket and the score was a tie at the 4th minute: 8-8. Afterward, Elijah, Buğrahan, and Larkin scored three-pointers each, and the score table was set to 17-11 at the 8th minute. Elijah scored a layup at the last minute of the quarter and our team was 19-14 ahead at the end of the first quarter. Starting the second quarter with Yiğitcan’s basket, Beaubois and captain Doğuş scored and set the score table to 26-21 at the 15th minute. Pleiss’s 5 points set the score table to 31-25 at the last 2:30 minutes of the quarter, in the remaining duration Larkin and Petrusev scored 2 points each and our team was 35-31 ahead at the end of the first half.

Starting the second half with Moerman’s basket, our team was 37-34 ahead at the 21st minute. Larkin and Buğrahan’s points at the 25th minute followed by the rival team’s points and the score was a tie: 43-43. Pleiss’s 4 points at the 27th minute set the score table to 47-49. Larkin scored a layup at the 28th minute through a defensive rebound and tied the score again: 49-49. In the remaining duration, Larkin scored 3 and Pleiss scored 2 points and our team was 54-52 ahead at the end of the third quarter. Starting the final quarter with Beaubois’s 5 points, our team was 59-52 ahead at the 31st minute. Moerman’s three-pointer at the 32nd minute raised the score difference to double digits and the rival team called a time-out: 62-52. Returning from the time-out Beaubois scored 8 points and raised the score difference to 15 points at the 34th minute: 70-55. Buğrahan scored a mid-range shot at the 35th minute to set the score table to 72-55 and the rival team called another time-out. Returning from the time-out Yiğitcan and Erten scored and our team was 75-57 ahead at the 36th minute. In the remaining duration, Buğrahan and Yiğitcan scored and our team won the match with a score of 79-66.

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