Türk Telekom: 85 - Anadolu Efes: 70

We were guests of Türk Telekom in the 14th-week Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League match and were defeated 70-85. We finished the first half of the match played in Ankara Sports Hall 39-46 behind.

Our team went into the game with Micic, Buğrahan, Elijah, M'Baye, and Dunston starting five, and our first points came from Dunston on the foul line in the third minute: 2-8. After Elijah's layup, we brought the score to 9-12 in the fifth minute with the points of Micic and Dunston. After Elijah and Micic's three-pointers, the first 10 minutes of the game ended 17-22 with Furkan’s field goal in the last minute of the quarter. We started the second period with Micic's basket and the 11th minute was passed with a score of 19-25. After Furkan's layup, Clyburn hit the foul line and the score was 22-28 in the 12th minute. After Elijah's downtown three-pointer, Micic's layup and Dunston's stylish dunk were passed with a score of 29-37 in the 15th minute. In this section, Clyburn had one more hit on the foul line, while M'Baye's awesome dunk made the score 32-39 in the 17th minute. After the score was 32-43 in the next minute, coach Ergin Ataman took a time-out. We scored three points with Micic and two points each with M'Baye and Elijah in the two minutes left after the time-out and finished the first half behind 39-46.

When the score was 39-51 in the first two minutes of the second half, coach Ataman took a time-out. After the timeout, we brought the score to 48-53 in the 24th minute with Clyburn and Micic's points. After M'Baye's three-pointer, Clyburn's layup tied the score in the 27th minute: 53-53. We scored two points with Dunston in the remaining three minutes and were down 55-60 in the last 10 minutes of the game. Scoring three points in the basket foul position in our first offense in the final period, Elijah brought the score to 58-62 in the 31st minute. With M'Baye's three-pointer, we narrowed the gap to two points at 31:30: 61-63. While the score was 61-71 in the 35th minute, we brought the score to 64-71 with Elijah's three-pointer. While we entered the last two minutes of the match with a score of 64-82, although we scored with M'Baye and Elijah in the remaining part, we could not close the gap and we were defeated 70-85.

  • Türk Telekom