Victory in Yalova 15th Week Postponement Away Game: 88-69

Hosted by the Semt 77 Yalovaspor team in the 15th-week postponement match of the ING Basketball Super League, Anadolu Efes won the game 88-69. Anadolu Efes was ahead 50-35 at the half-time of the match that was played in the Gym Yalova 90. Yıl.

Starting the match with Micic, Simon, Elijah, Moerman, and Pleiss, Anadolu Efes’s first points were scored by Micic and Simon’s three-pointers and our team were 6-2 ahead in the 2nd minute. Pleiss and Moerman continued to score underneath and Simon scored a three-pointer to set the score table to 15-6 at the 6th minute. Buğrahan and Yiğitcan scored and set the score of the first quarter: 24-15. Starting the second quarter with Yiğitcan and Pleiss’s baskets our team was ahead 28-18 at the 12th minute. Buğrahan ve Erten scored in this part of the match followed by Elijah and Moerman’s baskets and set the score table to 43-27 at the 16th minute. Micic and Pleiss scored 2 points each, Moerman scored a three-pointer and our team was 50-35 ahead at the end of the first half.

Starting the second half with Simon, Micic, and Elijah’s three-pointers, our team was 59-41 ahead at the 24th minute. In this part of the match, our team struggled to score, then Pleiss and Erten’s baskets set the score of the third quarter: 63-52. Starting the final quarter with Buğrahan, Micic scored a three-pointer at the 32nd minute and set the score table to 68-58. Pleiss and Moerman’s baskets at the 35th minute set the score table to 76-62. Simon and Pleiss scored three-pointers at the last 2:30 minutes of the match and raised the score difference to 15 points: 82-67. In the remaining duration Pleiss, Buğrahan and Elijah scored and our team won the match with a score of 88-69.

  • Semt77 Yalova Spor