Anadolu Efes Spor Kulübü

We passed Türk Telekom with difference: 87-59

Hosting Türk Telekom team in the 6th match of Tahincioğlu Basketball Super League, Anadolu Efes won the game with the score of 87-59. Anadolu Efes was ahead with the score of 42-34 at the halftime of the match that has been played at Sinan Erdem Sports Arena.

Starting the match with Micic, Buğrahan, Anderson, Moerman, and Dunston, Anadolu Efes’s first point was scored by Anderson. After Micic’s basket Anderson’s layup set the score tablet o 6-5 and Anadolu Efes was ahead in the 4th minute. After this score Dunston and moerman scored as well, then Anderson who began fast to the game scored a three-point and brought the score to 16-9 at the 6th minute. Remaining duration Buğrahan, Moerman and Micic scored 2 points each and our team finished the first quarter 22-13 ahead. Starting the secind quarter with Moerman’s three-pointer, our team scored another three-pointer with Metecan and the score table was set to 28-15 at 13:30.  With Metecan Anadolu Efes scored another 2 points, then captain Doğuş participated with 5 points and at the 16th minute our team set the score table to 35-22. After Doğuş, Anderson also scored 5 points and at 18:45 our team brought the score to 40-30. Remaining duration Moerman scored with a fancy dunk and our team finished the first half 42-34 ahead.

Starting the second half with Buğrahan’s three-pointer, Anadolu Efes brought the score to 46-36 at the 21st minute with Moerman from the free-throw line. After Micic’s point, Buğrahan scored a three-point basket as well and at the 22:30 the score table was set to 51-36 and with this score the difference was raised to 15 point. Micic scored from the free-throw line and a layup and brought the score to 54-38 at the 24th minute. After Moerman’s 4 points, Simon scored 2 three-pointers and raised the score difference to 20 points: 64-44 at the 27th minute. Remaining duration Metecan scored and our team finished the third quarter 66-52 ahead. Starting the final quarter Micic scored a three-pointer, then the score table was set to 69-52. Moerman, Sertaç and Metecan’s points raised the score to 75-52 at the 35th minute, then our raising star Mustafa Kurtuldum joined into the game at this point. Sertaç and Metecan’s points brought the score to 80-53 at the 37th minute. Then our player Mustafa’s three-point basket set the score table to 83-57. Our team lead the score from the begging to the end of the game and with Metecan and Onuralp’s points finished the match with the score 87-59.

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