Anadolu Efes Spor Kulübü

We’ve won against Bahçeşehir College 93-67…

Hosted by Bahçeşehir College team in the 9th-week match of Basketball Super League, Anadolu Efes won the game 93-67. Anadolu Efes was ahead 46-41 at the half-time of the match that has been played at Akatlar Sports Hall.

Starting the match with Larkin, Doğuş, Simon, Singleton, and Pleiss, Anadolu Efes’s first points were scored by Larkin with a three-pointer. After Doğuş and Singleton’s three-pointers, the score table was set to 9-0 at 3:30, then Simon’s layup at the 5th minute set the score table to 11-7 heading into the television time-out. Returning from the time-out Singleton and Simon scored 3 points from the free-throw line, and our team was 14-13 ahead. After the points of Buğrahan and Larkin, the first quarter ended with a tie: 18-18. Starting the second quarter with Yiğitcan and Simon duo’s points, our team was ahead 24-22 at the 12th minute. After Sertaç’s 2 points from the free-throw line, our team was 26-25 ahead at the 13th minute. In these minutes of the match, Larkin and Sertaç continued to score, and after Singleton’s 3-point basket, the score table was set to 37-34 at 16:30. Larkin and Tolga scored at the 19th minute to raise the score difference to 5 points at the 19th minute, then with Sertaç and Larkin’s points, our team head into the changing rooms 46-41 ahead.

Starting the second half with Larkin’s points at 22:30, our team set the score table to 48-43. After Larkin’s points, our team continued to score with Beaubois and Sertaç, and Anadolu Efes set the score table to 58-45 at the 26th minute of the match. While Simon was raising the score difference to 15 points at 26:30, he also scored another three-pointer and raised the score difference to 18 points at the last minute of the quarter: 63-45. Remaining duration Sertaç and Tolga scored 1 point each from the free-throw line, and our team was leading the score 65-51 at the end of the third quarter. Starting the final quarter with Yiğitcan’s points, our team was 70-55 ahead at the 33rd minute. Tolga’s basket in these minutes caused the rival team to call a time-out: 72-55. After Yiğitcan’s points, Pleiss scored 2 points from the free-throw line at the 35th minute and set the score table to 76-55. After Pleiss’s consecutive 2 fancy dunks, our young player Mustafa scored underneath and set the score table to 82-61. Remaining duration Anadolu Efes continued to lead the score, and after Ömercan’s points won the match 93-67.]]
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