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Anadolu Efes Sports Club will present children to basketball within Euroleague Academy Project…

Anadolu Efes Sports club will introduce basketball to children in the contribution of the Euroleague’s new project Euroleague Academy and Oceans Colleges. The 11 and 12-year old girls and boys those will be playing on Anadolu Efes – Euroleague Academy teams will be introduced to basketball and live the excitement of a mini Turkish Airlines Euroleague on the courts of Oceans Colleges campuses. While ensuring the children to have regular training, Anadolu Efes – Euroleague Academy League’s first week matches spotlighted great fun.

The first week matches were like a festival to the young basketball players with fun events and dynamic music. Directed by the coaches, the young players went onto the court wearing Euroleague Academy jerseys and witnessed amusing moments during the matches.  

“We believe that we will add value to Euroleague Academy project…”

Anadolu Efes Sports Club’s Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager Gökçe Dayı said that Euroleague Academy is a very exciting project for them and shared his thoughts about the works they will be doing for the project: “We are very happy and excited to be a part of the new organization of Euroleague, Euroleague Academy. This project will bring our children to the same age range and help on their social developments and also helping them on becoming more healthy people. As we believe that basketball is more than a sports branch, we are one of the clubs that have a big share in helping basketball love to reach to more people in Turkey. Therefore, we believe that we will add great value to the Euroleague Academy with our corporate partner Oceans Colleges. We will contribute with Euroleague Academy with our entire concentration as the Anadolu Efes Sports Club.”

The first season of Euroleague Academy will be arranged as the mini Euroleague…

There are eight different teams within the Anadolu Efes – Euroleague Academy League, that hosted the Euroleague officials as well. 11-12-year-old children contribute within the teams those were set by a coach. Official referees are directing the matches of the teams both girl and boy basketball players contribute in.

The normal season of Euroleague Academy will be over in April. The first four out of eight teams will play in playoffs.

These four teams will play against Fenerbahçe Beko’s Euroleague Academy League’s first four teams. The final four teams of both leagues will play in the Euroleague Academy Final Four.

Healthy training, being a team player, respect to the rival and to be a part of the basketball culture will be more important than to win a match throughout the Euroleague Academy matches.